A far, far better thing for EastEnder Nabil

Friday, 23rd June 2017


Nabil Elouahabi  photo: Johan Persson

THE summer show at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre features Matthew Dunster’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic novel A Tale of Two Cities, set in central London and the former Calais migrant camps.

The show stars Nabil Elouahabi, best known for his role as Tariq Larousi in EastEnders, as the traitorous John Barsad.

“I love his character,” he told Diary, “Obviously he’s known for being self-serving and having malleable principles, but I really want to find his human side.

“The play isn’t set it any one particular street. It is very urbanised, and in that it could be any urban street in London. It’s incredibly ambitious but done very well, and it hasn’t lost any of its relevance. It still touches on themes very relevant today: people feeling left behind, and people wanting to address inequality.”

Director Timothy Sheader has selected a diverse cast including actors Kevork Malikyan, Jude Owusu, and Marième Diouf.

Nabil adds: “It’s not a traditional show – so there’s definitely no knowing what the audience will react to. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing – I think their reaction will be lively if anything.”

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