Are we really being asked to admire MP’s stance

Friday, 22nd July

Cllr Nickie Aiken IMG_7377

Nickie Aiken

• ARE we really supposed to admire “Two Cities” MP Nicki Aiken’s “principled” stand because she’d finally “had enough” a few short months ago? (MP urges Johnson’s ‘immediate’ departure from Downing Street, July 8).

And then to forget that when the public were calling loudly for Dominic Cummings’s sacking over his Covid-19 breach and farcical excuse for it that Ms Aiken dismissed those of her constituents who wanted him to go as “bitter remainers” looking for any excuse to get rid of him.

And that while every MP in the land seemed to be watching their inboxes implode from the deluge of protest, hers alone seemed to be divided perfectly evenly between outrage and support.

Of course, we know that Cummings went a while later for the much greater crime of failing to get on with the boss’s wife.

And Johnson’s attempts to wriggle away from the Sue Gray report with the “time to draw a line under and move on to more important matters of parliament, etc” was exactly Ms Aikens line when asked to justify her support for Cummings at the time.

Johnson as PM was never going to be one car crash waiting to happen but many. And why, after his embarrassing tenure as London mayor was over, were vast sections of the Conservative party the only ones who seemingly couldn’t see it.

Well it’s an offence to leave the scene of a car crash, particularly if you’re one of the guilty party.

Seriously did not one alarm bell ring for Ms Aiken the whole time she was a Westminster councillor?

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, if I may, not so much a “basket of deplorables” here, more a mound.


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