Brave Queen's Park police officers recognised for life-saving service

Officers restrained 'suicidal' man who charged at them covered in blood

Friday, 7th April 2017 — By Alina Polianskaya

From left: PC Ryan Allister, PC David Hammond and PC Adam Rawlings

From left: PC Ryan Allister, PC David Hammond and PC Adam Rawlings 

POLICE officers have received awards for their life-saving actions after rushing to the aid of a ‘suicidal’ man.

Officers restrained the heavily bleeding man for more than 20 minutes, preventing him from hurting himself further, and tried to give him first-aid as they waited for medics to arrive.

PC Ryan Allister and PC Laura Smith were flagged down by a passing motorist who had seen an injured person in Ilbert Street, Queen’s Park, on August 3 2015.

According to the Met, the officers found the pavement covered in blood and a man was running towards them shouting that he wanted to kill himself. They put him on the floor after conducting a risk assessment and tried to give him first aid.

PC David Hammond and PC Adam Rawlings came to help their colleagues and discovered that the man had been disturbed while trying to commit suicide.

PCs Allister, Hammond and Rawlings were each given a Royal Humane Society Certificate of Commendation at an award ceremony on Monday at the Empress State Building.

PC Smith is to receive her award at a later date.

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