Call to ‘save’ closed £6m mound

Infamous attraction was shut after a catalogue of failures and embarrassments

Friday, 14th January

Marble Arch mound 1

A PETITION to save Marble Arch Mound was launched in the week the attraction was shut.

Builders are now due to start tearing down the infamous attraction, which cost £6million, on January 18.

Westminster City Council built the mound with the aim of bringing shoppers back to the West End but after a catalogue of failures and embarrassments the deputy leader, Cllr Melvyn Caplan, was forced to resign.

However the petition says: “This icon of modern London and celebration of life during the Covid deconfine­ment period should be preserved and the many happy memories people have enjoyed on it should continue to take place.

“The mound is both a piece of art and a piece of community – it must not be cut down in its prime especially in light of the money and joy already invested in it.”

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