Pub that was demolished by developer ‘is being rebuilt'

The Carlton Tavern - pulled down in 2015 without staff, customers or the city council being informed - is taking shape behind hoardings, but campaigners remain sceptical

Friday, 31st August 2018 — By Tom Foot


The demolished Carlton Tavern in 2015

EVER so slowly, brick by brick, a building is taking shape on the site of the former Carlton Tavern.

Rumours have been rife around south Kilburn and Maida Vale since last week when a building notice went up outside the pub.

The community pub was knocked down in extraordinary fashion by the building’s owner-developer without staff, customers or the city council being informed.

It was knocked down in April 2015 just as Historic England were preparing to give the building a Grade II listing.

Following a campaign, developer CTLX was ordered by a planning inquiry to rebuild the pub “brick by brick”.

Photos of the replacement building have been posted online by campaigners  

Builders are this week working on site with diggers and the owner-developer has reportedly said the “works are under way”.

But campaigners, who have seen several false starts already, remain cautious.

Rebuild the Carlton Tavern chief Polly Amos-Robertson, in an update to the campaign group, said: “I have been busy all week with the council to assess the current situation and asked to see plan of works up to build. I was advised by our councillors that although the work was supposed to be complete CTLX no update to council was given.

“Permission by CTLX was required from the council for the large banner currently covering the front of the pub – and not only was that not requested of the council it has also not been given permission. Locally we are aware activities are going on inside,  but with no visibility or plan this is currently a mystery.”

Members of the campaign group Rebuild the Carlton Tavern are also sceptical.

One member mentioned online that the “three blokes” working on the site was proba- bly only “satisfying minimum requirements”.

Red brick building appears to be in construction

A two-year deadline set by the council for completion of the works by May 2018 has been missed and the council is considering its options.

Westminster’s planning chief Cllr Richard Beddoe said: “We’re encouraged that construction appears to be under way at the Carlton Tavern site. It has been a long battle to ensure the pub is rebuilt brick by brick.

“However, it is also clear that our enforcement notice, insisting that work was completed within two years, has not been complied with and, as such, we are considering whether any further action should be taken.”

CTLX has not responded to the Extra’s request for a comment but made a statement to Building Design’s BD Online: “This is a very complex project and it has been necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the remaining structure to ensure that the rebuilding materials match those of the previous pub. The rebuilding works are now in progress. We are confident, therefore, that building works will now continue to completion over the next few months.”

It was forced to rebuild the pub after a five-day planning appeal inquiry in May 2016 ruled in favour of the council.

The Planning Inspectorate demanded that the pub be rebuilt as close to the original as possible. The inquiry received evidence from local campaign groups, residents, councillors and Historic England.

At the time Cllr Robert Davis, the former planning chief, said: “This decision is a just reward for the work of all the local campaigners who have fought so hard to right this wrong.”

The Carlton Tavern was built in 1920-21 for Charrington & Co.

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