Chinatown pagoda is demolished as part of regeneration scheme

Replacement pagoda will be more “elegant” structure

Monday, 28th November 2016 — By Alina Polianskaya

Chinatown Pagoda (demolished)

The pagoda was a popular meeting point in Chinatown

THE Chinatown pagoda – a traditional meeting point for more than 30 years – has been demolished.

The installation is set to be replaced by a new structure as part of a major regeneration of the square in Newport Place.

A new pagoda is currently being designed in Beijing but will be erected in a different part of Chinatown.

Christine Yau, from the London Chinatown Chinese Association, said: “There is a new development in Newport Place.

“The reconstruction in that area will be finished soon and the square is going to be very different, it will be bigger.”

She added: “It was a meeting point… people often arranged to meet by the pavilion, so at the moment it is a bit inconvenient, but nothing can be done.”

Ms Yau said the pagoda had to make way for the space to be redeveloped, with new paving stones and more room for activities.

A replacement pagoda would be a more “elegant” structure than the old pavilion, which she said had become “run down” and “dirty” over the years.

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