Consultations on the bus cuts are a sham

Thursday, 9th June

• WITH our lacklustre mayor Sadiq Khan dancing a jig about the overdue and over-budget Crossrail line (aka Elizabeth) it may go unnoticed that he and his cronies at Transport for London are slashing whole bus routes.

Twenty in all are subject to either complete withdrawal from service or curtailment of their full route.

Rather than kowtowing to American audiences in an expensive “London” promotion, the constantly reactive mayor should address the concerns of the travelling public.

He disappeared in the pandemic and his answer to all travel issues is to blame someone else.

The TfL consultations are a sham. These are not referendums but a statistic-gathering exercise, interpreted to support TfL rubber-stamped plans.

If the mayor spent less time focused on the costs of his increased staffing levels, makeshift cycle lanes, and “toxic air” strategy perhaps the public could get the transport we deserve.

Insisting “London is open” but forcing the public to walk or cycle by cutting buses is not a vote-winning policy.

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