Cyclists ‘targeted with pins and nails’ during lockdown rides

Regent’s Park riders say they have suffered punctures from tacks left on the road

Friday, 8th May 2020 — By Tom Foot

Cyclist drawing pins handful of tacks

Pins that cyclists say were found on the roads around Regent’s Park

CYCLISTS using the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park for their daily exercise say they have been targeted with pins and nails during the corona­virus lockdown.

Several riders have suffered punctures from tacks on the road.

Justin McKie of the Regent’s Park Cyclists group told the Extra that he believed the incident was the product of press stories accusing cyclists of breaking social distancing rules.

Photographers have waited at the park on ­sunny days, but critics say the depth and perspective of how close people actually are to each other is lost on zoom lens pictures.

Mr McKie said: “In my mind, when you get the anti-cycling brigade out in papers like the Daily Mail, it is not massively surprising things like this happen.”

He said that a large number of tacks were scattered across the road in the Outer Circle on Tuesday evening.

“The road was littered with them,” said Mr McKie.

He said the lockdown had allowed many less experienced riders to enjoy daily exercise  trips – and that it was now even more important for cyclists and councils to work together to ensure roads remained safe.

He said: “There are hundreds of cyclists now, including families, enjoying the sights and the clean air and the emptier roads. We hope this will lead to a more cycle-friendly London.”

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