Decision time over new boutique hotel plan for Chalk Farm

New building will be official partner to Roundhouse music venue

Monday, 2nd August 2021 — By Richard Osley


Councillors will review these designs on Thursday

THIS is how a striking new ’boutique’ hotel planned for Chalk Farm would look, if councillors vote in favour of building consent this week.

The overhaul of the site opposite the tube station will be decided on Thursday night and with the hotel due to be an ‘official partner’ hotel to the Roundhouse music venue – just a few moments away.

Developers Uchaux Limited want to create a 59-room hotel at the start of Regent’s Park Road, which in parts will be seven storeys and have a double basement.

It is currently home to a Domino’s pizza delivery unit and a burger bar.

The application has led to messages of support from people living and working nearby who say this part of the street could do with a tidy up.

Objectors, however, say the design is out of place and the area does not need more hotel rooms.

The new hotel will be an official partner hotel to the Roundhouse

In a message published on the council’s website, architect Edward Williams said: “I have rarely seen such a badly designed building.It is clearly designed to maximise profit at the complete loss of character.This design would be out of place in a third rate Middle Eastern town.

“The room size will attract only those attending local venues for drinking and will cause disruption to the neighbourhood.”

The objection did not add any further explanation of what a “third rate Middle Eastern town” meant.

Haverstock ward councillor Alison Kelly said residents had raised concerns with her.

“They understand that the size has been reduced from the original application but they consider it is still far too large,” she said. “They are concerned by the colour of the exterior. The colour is far from traditional in the area.”

Cllr Alison Kelly

She added: “Local residents consider the rejuvenated area in front of the proposed hotel could be of benefit to the area. But they are concerned that it could attract people late at night, and could be a focus for anti-social behaviour, disruption and noise. Residents ask for the outside area to be consistently monitored by security staff, and be closed at 9 pm each night.”

Other objections said affordable housing should be prioritised over hotel rooms, with claims that existing hotels are rarely full up.

Supporters are urging councillors to vote in favour, however, and see the designs as an upgrade. A new courtyard will be repaved in a designer pattern in the space outside, with a cafe on the ground floor.

Rosie Winston, an interior design expert who founded Clifton Interiors in Regent’s Park Road, said in her message to the council: “In my professional professional opinion this is a well designed building with architectural interest which will bring a significant improvement to the important crossroads junction of Chalk Farm.”

She added: “I do not think that the proposed height or the overall size for the hotel will be overbearing and I think it will sit well with the surrounding buildings with the other developments currently being built and proposed. I also approve the idea of a boutique hotel of this nature which can only be a strong positive for the area.”

The current site [Google]

Another local architect, Mark Ruthven, who has a studio in Prince of Wales Road, said: “I am very familiar with this site and could imagine this small tower being a positive pivot in the crossroads of the locale cityscape.

“Such a vertical landmark on the north axis leaving Chalk Farm would act as a dynamic urban marker for the transition to the neighbourhoods beyond and certainly the proposal is in keeping with the scale of many emerging developments.”

Camden’s planning department has recommended that the scheme is given the green light.

The site was once the site of the Adelaide Tavern, a 19th century pub, but the original building was demolished in 1980.

A different development plan behind Chalk Farm tube station where OD Hotels wants to create a new place to stay

A new hotel is also planned for a revamp of the site behind Chalk Farm underground station, with the OD Hotels group behind plans for a “lifestyle hotel”.

Work is also currently under way to turn the former Sports Direct and old Woolworths in Camden High Street into a new Premier Inn.

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