Do they think the future of the NHS is privatisation?

Friday, 20th May


Questions over future of the NHS

• THE new chair of NHS England, Richard Meddings, addressed the annual meeting of the patient participation group at the Victoria Medical Centre in Upper Tachbrook Street, Pimlico, on May 11.

He stressed his support for the National Health Service and how proud he was to support it. I understand it was his first address as chair to surgery patients.

In a question & answer session, physiotherapy arose. Dr Susan Rankine from the medical centre wanted a physio for the surgery and not provided by MSK, musculoskeletal, service provided by Healthshare. And patients were critical of the service provided by them as a non-NHS provider.

Arising from this discussion, as chair of the Irish Civil Rights Association,
I raised the issue of 58 GP surgeries taken over by American corporations and asked Mr Meddings if he agreed with this and why.

Mr Meddings replied that he was not opposed to American corporations taking over surgeries if they provided a better service. I was very disappointed with that reply.

In his address Mr Meddings had assured us of how committed he was to the NHS, yet when questioned about American corporations privatising it, he did not oppose it or condemn it.

I hope that Extra readers will raise this issue and tell Mr Meddings that patients do not want British surgeries taken over by American corporations.

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