Electric bikes will help with street cleaning and air quality

Thursday, 4th August

• AS part of the city council’s actions to improve air quality and keep the streets clean, we are delighted to welcome Veolia’s 14 new electric street cleaning bikes to Westminster streets.

These new electric bikes are used for collecting fly-tipped rubbish, monitoring hot-spot areas and delivering commercial waste bags to businesses.

The electric bikes cut down the number of diesel vehicles going in and out of depots every day and cut out 100 per cent of nitrogen oxide emissions.

In addition the bikes can cover more areas quicker, making it a more efficient service and ensuring waste can continue to be collected during road closures and within pedestrianised areas.

Using a new electric bike to replace a diesel vehicle also significantly reduces noise pollution. Over the next few months, we will be introducing further measures to improve air quality and keep Westminster’s streets clean.

Cabinet Member for City Management & Air Quality

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