Even the electric bike was in tiers…

Friday, 12th November 2021

Emily Thornberry tries ‘micro mobility’

Emily Thornberry tries ‘micro mobility’

A NEW fleet of “carbon-neutral” electric bikes was launched this week.

Five-hundred new TIER electric bikes arrived in Islington yesterday (Thursday) and can be found in parking bays across the borough.

TIER is better known as one of London’s chosen operators for the ongoing e-scooter trial. While Islington is not taking part in that scheme, these e-bikes will join Lime Bikes and Uber Bikes as one of Islington’s “micro-mobility” options.

TIER’s bikes must be left in dedicated parking bays.

In recent weeks, activists campaigning for the safety of Islington’s blind and partially sighted community have raised the alarm about e-bikes being dumped randomly in pedestrianised areas.

“We will use GPS initially and then CPS. GPS can be accurate up to two metres, but CPS creates a 3D map of the surrounding area. When you park your bike, you scan the area with an accuracy of up to 20cm,” said TIER’s Georgia Yaxley.

“You must park in a bay to end your trip. We’ll be monitoring it closely, and any poor behaviour could result in a warning or a ban depending on severity,” she added.

On Monday, Islington South MP Emily Thornberry tried the new bikes in Exmouth Market.

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