Food bank donors are hit with parking penalty fines

Council has 'no exceptions' rule

Thursday, 20th February 2020 — By Samantha Booth

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Gudran Dalibor with Dorothea Hackman at the Euston food bank

FOOD bank volunteers have complained about getting parking tickets while dropping off donations.

Gudrun Dalibor was running goods into the Euston food bank in Lancing Street, Euston, when she was giving a fine for parking on the pavement.

She said: “I want to emphasise we know that parking, mounting the curb is not legal but we just mounted the curb because otherwise the Ocado van couldn’t have come out and it was just literally four minutes maximum. We asked the traffic warden ‘please, please this is a food bank, let us unload’.”

Ms Dalibor said she will not be dropping off large donations now for worries of getting more tickets.

Dorothea Hackman, chairwoman of the food bank’s trustees, has also been given a ticket in the past but says that more needs to be done to keep the loading bays clear.

She said they are often congested with hire cabs or private cars.

“It’s an idling problem there,” she said. “If we could use the loading bays we would be OK. They should use discretion if the purpose of the transgression was a charitable one they should use their discretion partly for a first-time offence.”


A Camden Council press official said: “Whilst we encourage people to support food banks by making donations, parking restrictions are in place to keep both motorists and pedestrians safe. In this case, the vehicle was parked on a footway, restricting pavement access for wheelchairs and buggies and there was also suitable parking close by.”

Joe Hendry, Euston station manager, said: “We have a designated drop-off and pick-up point for taxis and cars – including private hire vehicles – on the west side of the station.  We welcome feedback from station users and are always keen to work with the wider community to make sure the station environment suits their needs. We have been and continue to be longstanding supporters of Euston Foodbank.”

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