Frustrated? So are we, Harry

Dan Carrier looks at speculation linking Spurs’ coveted striker with a move away from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Friday, 21st May 2021 — By Dan Carrier


FOOTBALL obsessives love a bit of transfer gossip, love building up a fictitious dream team of signings that will take their club to the next level.

But it’s not so pleasant when other sides circle your best players. So no wonder Spurs fans have felt sick to the stomach this week amid speculation that Harry Kane has told Spurs he’s had enough and wants a summer move.

If true, it obviously deserves coverage, but when you look at how this story has developed over the week, there are too many holes for it to be taken seriously – for now.

Harry may well be the subject of a whopping bid this summer, and you can understand him feeling dispirited at Spurs – annoyed at the lack of progress recently and a sense the past two years have brought nothing but turmoil.

But when you look at all the speculation that he’s gone to see the chairman and said that he’s off – well, the yarn has as much traction as you get playing in a pair of plimsolls on Hackney Marshes in January.

The reports fail to name any source at all for Kane’s apparent request to the club to be allowed to leave.

No one is going on the record, and it appears no one either whispered this nugget off the record, either. The lack of attribution is telling. There were no nods and winks to anonymous sources, club insiders, friends of the player, etc.

Spurs never comment on transfer gossip, and when approached said curtly they were busy focusing on the end of the season. It wasn’t exactly a straight “no”, but sounded eye-rollingly dismissive of a form of journalism renowned for manufacturing stories to earn clicks and fill space.

There may be mileage in it – Kane is one of the hottest properties in world football, he’s at a club fighting for the Europa League when he’s a Champions League player, playing in a side without a permanent manager at a club embroiled in a chilling disconnect between board and fans.

Added to the fact Kane was perhaps the only player at the club who seemed to enjoy – or at least not actively dislike – playing under Jose Mourinho, and you have the perfect circumstances to create clickbait fodder for sports fans.

Looking for a silver lining, remember that Kane is settled at his childhood club. He has a young family who live in London, he is closing in on beating Jimmy Greaves’ goals record. He has three years left on his contract. And the astronomical fee needed, in the current economic circumstances, begs the question as to who has cash bags heavy enough anyway? This is a saga that will fill up column inches over the next few weeks. Maybe Harry is looking at a move – or maybe he isn’t.

The only certain thing is not to bet your house on a scoop featuring Kane being in a Manchester City shirt by the start of August without any attributable source named for such a potentially devastating piece of news.

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