Half of parking ticket appeals end in success

More staff are hired to deal with cases contested by motorists

Friday, 31st July 2020 — By Sam Ferguson

Arvon Road - not ‘Avron Road’

A spelling error in Arvon Road, Highbury, forced the Town Hall to pay back scores of traffic penalties to drivers last year

ALMOST half of all parking fines appealed by drivers in Islington have been successfully overturned, council figures show.

The high success rate has been partly put down to Islington lacking the resources to contest the cases.

The available latest figures, for 2018/19, show the council won only 52 per cent of cases that went to the Enforcement and Traffic Tribunal. The previous year it was winning close to three-quarters.

“This drop in performance was due to the very substantial increase in the number of local appeals being made and from a resource perspective, a corresponding increase in the proportion the council did not contest,” a Town Hall performance report said.

“Additional staff have been appointed and the parking service now have much closer involvement in the design and sign-off of new traffic schemes.

“A lot of work is also going on to improve the quality of PCN [Penalty Charge Notices] evidence, analysing highest loss locations, and improving signage and the siting of cameras.”

More figures are due next month.

As the Tribune reported last year, a spelling error forced the Town Hall to pay back scores of traffic penalties to drivers in Highbury.

Cameras had been set up in Arvon Road in March last year as part of the council’s flagship school streets scheme, which banned cars from driving down roads next to schools during certain hours.

But one hawk-eyed driver caught by the camera discovered that the road name had been misspelled as “Avron Road” and not “Arvon Road” on the ticket.

Islington later apologised after it emerged it had issued 176 invalid notices.

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