Harrington: Bake to the future…

Friday, 15th April


WHEN a must-see movie – or even just a movie with some moderately famous people in it – premieres, chances are there will be an extravagant red-carpet event in good old Leicester Square.

This is, after all, the capital’s showbiz magnet, a spot where we drive tourists to by day and impossibly Botoxed celebrities parade by night.

It’s all glitz, glamour and… Greggs.

Yes, soon all your A-listers will be able to pop over the fence and to a new branch of everybody’s alleged favourite sausage roll emporium if they get peckish before a showing of a hilarious Jennifer Aniston romcom.

A spokesperson for Greggs said: “We’re excited to premiere our delicious food to new customers, including many tourists from outside of the UK who will get the opportunity to experience Greggs for the first time.”

“Steak bake” hoardings, above, show where the shop will be.

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