Harrington: Carry on scanning Kenneth’s diaries

Friday, 3rd June

Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams

YOUTUBE isn’t all cats opening doors and kids bubbling up Pepsi bottles with Mentos these days.

Westminster City Council is using its channel to share its library talks – and caught my eye with a recently uploaded lecture on Kenneth Williams by aficionado Adam Endacott who has written two books on the Carry On star.

Williams’ personal diaries opened a window to his life, which was not all about the japes, innuendo and laughter. Mr Endacott said that it was important to understand Williams had not been like that all the time and that everybody had down days.

More might be revealed if future diary entries are ever made public?

“They are currently in the British Library and they are currently being scanned I understand,” Mr Endacott said.

“My friend and I are trying to gain access for our research.”

He explained the friend in question, Bill Holland, is writing a book imagining what his diaries might have looked like from 1988 had he not died.

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