Harrington: Grade expectations – studio listing stays

Friday, 11th March

BBC Maida Vale Studios_credit Matt Brown_(CC BY 2.0) 22.08.36

Maida Vale Studios. Photo: Matt Brown

I HAVE a sad image in my head of a loyal reader racing to the news stands to grab a copy of the super soaraway Westminster Extra but then feeling dashed and disappointed that there was no report of the BBC’s failure to overturn English Heritage’s Grade-II listing of the Maida Vale Studios.

We do our best each week, but, as noticed by Theo Morgan, this important development did slip through unmentioned.

To Mr Morgan’s credit, he has been campaigning on the issue for a long time and who can disagree with the idea that a musical history mecca – where The Beatles, Bowie and everyone else laid down timeless tracks – should in any way be put at risk from the creep of luxury property developments – now or in the future.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport agreed and have kept the listing tightly fixed.

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