Harrington: Highlighting an inconvenient truth

Friday, 29th April


THAT familiar sense of dread set in on Thursday on my daily stroll – a familiar urge had arisen in me to relieve myself.

But I was far from home, in the labyrinthine streets of Pimlico.

I cannot tell you the horror I felt as I checked my map and found no public toilets nearby. Not in Pimlico, or its neighbouring wards.

A shop! I thought, I can go into a shop! But I had left my wallet at home.

I couldn’t possibly go into a café or shop to use their conveniences without buying something.

Desperate now, I eyed up a bush – no! I chided myself, gentlemen do not urinate in parks or in bushes.

I set off at a fast walk, skipping from side to side – the nearest convenience was a 20-minute walk away.

The council’s own map shows that 10 of Westminster’s wards do not have a public loo.

Isn’t this a scandal? Where are families, older or disabled people meant to go? Of the few that there are, many are inaccessible, or public urinals, not suitable at all.

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