Harrington: Just as we’d got used to it being oh so quiet

Friday, 11th March


ONE of the blessings of the Covid lockdowns for residents in the north of the borough has been less noise from commercial airplanes roaring through the sky.

The relative silence has, however, been shattered in recent months as things get back to “normal”.

This led the ever- suspicious London Assembly member Tony Devenish – also a councillor here – to ask Sadiq Khan why there were more flights and whether “Heathrow might be seeking to sneak out changes under the cover of Covid”.

The response from the Mayor was simply that it’s the same as it ever was and, when asked, Heathrow had suggested the extra noise “is most likely a reflection of the steady increase in flights as the airport rebuilds its operations”.

For those unconvinced by this ‘it’s all in your imagination’ explanation – the airport said the number of flights is up but still below pre-coronavirus pandemic levels.

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