Harrington: Licence to grill – stallholder gets to keep sausage menu

Friday, 3rd June

Paul Stein

Paul Stein speaking at a licensing meeting

READERS may remember that last month I mused on the case of Paul Stein – a mainstay of Oxford Street for many years – and his battle for the right to keep sausages on the menu.

Despite all the shops on the “nation’s high street” being turned into vape stick stores and garish sweet shops, it was his efforts selling sausages that had been deemed to be a big problem by Westminster City Council.

It had issued him with a licence for his box at Duke Street but then said they had discovered some older rules about preventing stinky smells and asked him to hand in his permit.

How Harrington revealed his predicament last month

Not surprisingly Mr Stein – who used to run a greengrocer stall at the location and was once named as the “market trader of the year” by the city council – said no and challenged any forced revocation.

On Friday he was grilled – sorry – by councillors on a licensing panel and sort of came up on top. He hasn’t been ordered to shut down the stand, at least.

After listening to the sausage saga, councillors said it could not penalise Mr Stein for the council’s own error and that there had been no actual public complaints about his gourmet grill.

Instead it was resolved that the rules on serving hot food across the Oxford Street area would be looked at before the case is revisited.

An outbreak of common sense… and don’t forget those sweet shops either.

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