Harrington: Ohmigod you guys! It’s cool to be ‘woke’

Friday, 27th May

Legally Blonde 2

Legally Blonde image: Pamela Raith

IT was a little chilly on Tuesday evening but Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is always a special night out and any production of anything feels more special by dint of the sun dropping behind the stage for the day, replaced with silvery moonlight.

That said, you can’t pick who you end up sitting near and it was hard not to cringe to hear a press night critic a few seats down spaffing on about how Legally Blonde had been made too “woke”.

Faithful enough to the story of the stage run at the Savoy a decade ago, the director and cast have nevertheless retold it with the brilliant Courtney Bowman in the lead role of Elle Woods – the much-loved character played by stick thin, blonde as can be Reese Witherspoon in the film. Bowman is fine a actor of mixed heritage, who has called herself plus size. The cast was also as diverse as London – black actors playing roles that it feels have only ever been given to their white counterparts.

If that’s “woke” then I like woke. Woke me up! Harrington certainly won’t take it as the insult that every GB News presenter seems to think it is. Some commentators really do seem to have an obsession with the word. A new vocab is certainly in order.

Needless to say, the show was fantastic and it was refreshing to see an old show raising laughs in the same way but looking a bit different.

You can catch it until July 2. Harrington hopes you get a warm sunset.

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