Harrington: So, Nazanin, what's your perfect Sunday?

Are you looking forward to Mother's Day?

Monday, 28th March


A press conference with Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

NAZANIN Zaghari-Ratcliffe understandably wants some time alone with her family after finally being freed by Iran.

The charity worker has spent six long years waiting for the UK government to negotiate her release.

As her campaigners understandably courted the media for publicity during this time, Nazanin and her husband Richard held a press conference at the House of Commons on Monday to give something back.

For nearly an hour she took questions and was calm and collected as she made clear that she was relieved – her daughter Gabriella has grown much taller during her incarceration – but that she wanted to know why securing her freedom had taken so long.

Depressingly, the journalists responded to this privileged access by asking one inane question after another.

“Are you going to move out of London now?”

“Are you looking forward to Mother’s Day?”

Just to remember once more, they had six years to think of a question to ask her.

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