Harrington: Truss issues

Matt Chorley's show reveals how all of our frontline politicians are treading water

Monday, 28th March

Claire-Louise Leyland and Liz Truss

Liz Truss, right, campaigning in north west London

I DROPPED in on Times Radio host Matt Chorley’s comedy show, Who Is In Charge Here?, earlier in the week.

Our paths have vaguely crossed professionally in the past and it was fun to see how the office wit I had seen writing news stories for the Independent on Sunday has put his sharp observations to good effect.

I must say I never thought I’d be sat in a basement disco in Brighton – the venue was called Komedia – with purple lights and Love Shack blasting from the speakers waiting for him to appear on stage, though.

Matt Chorley

Nobody is safe in his show – from Jeremy Corbyn to Keir Starmer, from Dominic Raab to Boris Johnson. By the end, you come to realise that all our frontline politicians are padding around for air most of the time.

There was only one moment when Mr Chorley was a little thrown – and that’s when a photo of foreign secretary Liz Truss flashed up on the visuals.

A man in the front row, immediately said “I would”.

The rest of the show need not have been scripted as the poor audience member dug himself deeper into a hole.

His son in the next seat collapsed his head into his hands.

Harrington has encountered Ms Truss too; I asked her whether she could think of any mistake at all the Tory government has made? Amazingly, she couldn’t suggest a single one.

Matt Chorley plays the Bloomsbury theatre this week: March 30, March 31, April 1
Details at his website and ticketmaster

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