Harrrington: The ‘stars of the show’ are stuck in restaurant basement

Friday, 1st April

Darjeeling Express in Garrick Street

Darjeeling Express in Garrick Street

GOOD on restaurateur Asma Khan and her continued attempts to make sure women are not cut out of the industry.

We’ve all had enough of shouty bloke chefs who should be up at employment tribunals for their staged rudeness rather than being considered TV celebrities.

There has been a spot of speculation that she might be moving her always-tasty Darjeeling Express away from Garrick Street in Covent Garden.

And when she appeared on Saturday Kitchen – the often nauseously chipper BBC show – a couple of weekends ago, she explained why: “I am going to move because the real stars of the show are my women in the kitchen.

“At the moment we’re in a basement kitchen which is true for most West End places.” She added: “Anyone who knows anyone who wants to lease a restaurant to me, I am in the market.”

Essentially she wants a place where her all-female outfit can be seen. It has since been confirmed Darjeeling Express will leave its current site – a former Carluccio’s – in July.

It hadn’t been there that long but maybe readers will remember its older operation in Soho, down in Kingly Court.

You were always lucky if you could get a table.

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