Historic cinema turned into ‘eyesore’ by signs

Holloway Road landmark, which dates back to 1938, set for state-of-the-art upgrade

Friday, 6th March 2020 — By Sam Ferguson

Holloway Road IMG_9350

The new blue signs at the Holloway Road cinema

A LANDMARK picture house is set to become a “luxury cinema”, but concerns have been raised over the large blue signs now attached to the historic building.

Odeon’s upgrade of the Holloway Road site promises to bring in state-of-the-art cinema technology and handmade reclining seats, while “preserving and enhancing its 20th-century charm”.

But Andrew Gardiner, who chairs the Islington Archaeological and Historical Society, said that while he welcomed the cinema – built in 1938 – being kept in use, he did not think the large “Odeon Luxe” signs fitted with the architecture.

The landmark cinema, pictured in 1938

“My own personal opinion is that it’s completely out off keeping with the original architecture,” he said. “The building itself isn’t an eyesore, but the sign is.

“I love the fact that the building is still there and virtually intact. It’s stunning, and it was good for its time and it’s good for today.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the interior. There’s so much history to Holloway Road. It was the West End of north London. It’s great that we have this original building as a reminder of that.”

An Odeon spokesman said: “We know how special the heritage of the cinema is so have ensured the refurbishment keeps the balance between retaining the cinema’s classic charm, while introducing modern innovations. We are excited for what is to come and are sure guests will be impressed with the experience.”

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