How well I remember the offer of 20p

Friday, 7th January

• A CLASSICAL reference that was somewhat awry, (Bacchanalia fears over wine god venue, December 24)!

It stated that Bacchus was prone to intoxication, and travelled in a woozy state on a donkey.

But it was his fat, elderly, companion Silenus not Bacchus who had to resort to the proverbial donkey ride.

Actually the whole moral basis of W1 is slanted, askew, out of kilter, as your alarming report has to indicate.

The report refers to a proposed Mayfair club with the tipsy Bacchus as the theme. Frightening prices? Thousands of pounds for a saucer of caviar and champagne?

Meanwhile your reporter notes yet another bleak winter for the homeless in the West End.

As I was sketching the homeless of Soho, I recall one pensioner, without a bed for the night, who offered me 20 pence, as I drew Old Compton Street descending before me.

You know, all that money for a posh snack in some stuck-up Mayfair club seem less important than that 20 pence a fellow in rags offered me.

Mckenzie Close, W12

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