I’m fed up with the jubilee!

Friday, 6th May

• I COMPLETELY agree with Steven Powell (Extra Letters, April 22), who reminds us of the need for proportional representation, PR, and the Conservatives’ attack on democracy.

Quite why they would remove a democratic voting system and replace it with a less fair method for choosing our mayors and police and crime commissioners is beyond me; unless, as he says, it is being done purely for party political reasons.

It is a regressive step. Under first-past-the-post, FPTP, we can predict the winners for a number of Westminster wards before a single vote has even been cast.

Campaigns centre on those living in the “marginal” wards which could change hands.

Mr Powell is also correct in saying that we need “other radical constitutional reforms too”.

I was reminded of this by your report (‘Pomp’ and ‘Platinum Pageant’, Extra, April 22). The enforced jollity all sounds very tedious and, already, I am fed up with hearing about the Queen’s jubilee.

We “loyal subjects” are expected to come together in June to celebrate an old lady’s privileged life, which has made very little meaningful difference to our country.

Everyone will fawn over Westminster’s most famous resident for the next few weeks, especially the mainstream media, reaching saturation point in June.

Isn’t it time we grew up and became a republic, with an elected head of state?

I can only hope that Charles ascending to the throne will be the catalyst for change, and we can stop wasting time on this ridiculous obsession.


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