Is Soho as liberated and equal as it pretends?

Friday, 6th May

• PERHAPS Soho is not so “liberated” and “equal” as it pretends to be.

In massage parlours, and model agencies, female prostitutes seem to have a safe base to do their trade.

You can see their cards in phone boxes. These advertisements – “tart art” – display some artistic pull.

But gay rent boys don’t similarly benefit from definite addresses and establishments where they may be shown some sort of protection.

Vulnerable rent boys are driven onto the streets, which are ultra dangerous. There are no rent boy cards alongside the female ones.

In this prejudiced society, and even in Soho, straight prostitution appears acceptable. But male prostitution is still the “secret vice” that is forced underground.

Are you gay? What can you expect from the bigots but the gutter?

Mackenzie Close, W12

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