Labour celebrates clean sweep in the West End

Party says results ‘will long remain in our memory’

Friday, 13th May — By Tom Foot

Paul Fisher and Jessica Toale and Patrick Lilley

Paul Fisher, Jessica Toale and Patrick Lilley celebrate at the count

ONE of the stand-out results on Friday morning was the West End where Labour achieved a clean sweep.

The party had made a great show in 2018 when Pancho Lewis was elected to the ward, the first time a Labour councillor had broken through in the Conservative stronghold.

The ward includes Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Soho and Mayfair.

In a joint statement, Paul Fisher, Jessica Toale and Patrick Lilley, said: “Thursday the fifth of May 2022 will long remain in our memory as the day when residents in all four villages of the ward put their trust in us to be their local representatives.

“It is also the day when residents across Westminster decided that enough was enough: the Conservatives had been in power for too long (since 1964) and it was time for something new and fresh.

“The sense that the Conservative-led Westminster Council had become a one-party state – complacent, lethargic and incompetent – was central to our campaign.

2018 winner Pancho Lewis

“Boris Johnson’s apparent comfort with being both a law-maker and law-breaker had certainly impacted the vote. But these national issues should not be given undue emphasis.”

They said residents had felt “ignored in favour of other commercial interests” and promised to work to tackle noise in Soho, overdevelopment in Mayfair, rubbish in Fitzrovia and “addressing the failed Conservative plans for Oxford Street District that were foreshadowed by the disastrous Marble Arch Mound on the doorstep of Marylebone.”

Glenys Roberts, the former Conservative councillor for the West End ward, had endorsed the Labour campaign.

The Conservative councillor Tim Barnes had, at a fiery Soho Society hustings, promised to resign if the city council backtracked on promises not to make al fresco dining permanent without the support of “respondents” to a forthcoming consultation.

Magnanimous in defeat, he had offered support to the incoming Labour councillors in any way possible.

He added: “I would like to say thank you to all of those residents that supported us last week and am sorry that we were not able to offer the compelling set of ideas and people that West End residents were looking for.

“There are clearly national, city-wide and West End issues that have all played a part and as a party, we need to stop, listen and reflect on this result and how we can better present our vision for what needs to happen here.”

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