Labour's history makers in housing pledge

New city council has 31 Labour and 23 Conservative members

Friday, 13th May — By Tom Foot

Labour westminster IMG-20220509-WA0007

Jubilant Labour Party members after gaining control

LABOUR’S history makers have vowed to make the housing crisis their first order of business after seizing control of Westminster City Hall for the first time.

The city Conservatives are soul-searching after suffering a polls meltdown in a massive local election shock.

Half of the former council cabinet were ousted in the early hours of Friday as voters hit back at Boris Johnson who has become the first prime minister to be a constituent of a Labour council.

His “partygate” law-breaking has been blamed for the defeat along with changing “demographics” and “national issues”.

There had been no official statement from the outgoing former leader Rachael Robathan who has gone to ground.

But Nickie Aiken, the Conservative MP for Cities of London and Westminster, had a piece of advice for incoming leader Adam Hug: “Don’t screw it up!”

The Labour group must now make good on a hugely ambitious manifesto with dozens of pledges ranging from bringing privatised services back in-house, tearing up the planning system, slashing spending on “pageantry and PR” to building a new lido.

A stunned Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg – who was elected to the Hyde Park ward held for years by his former 1980s nemesis Shirley Porter – aped Michael Caine in the Italian Job: “We’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

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