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Friday, 6th May

Boris apologies

‘BJ’s ‘dead cats”

• TODAY’S three-word slogans (after Get Brexit Done & Get Back Control…)

Post-truth populist politics.
World-beating policies?
BJ’s “dead cats”.
Dog-whistle politics.
The Great Distractor.
An elaborate game.
HO “hostile environment”.
Newly-generated red tape.
For Ukrainian refugees.
Northern “levelling-up” chimera.
A rhetorical neverland.
Ridicule “woke psychodrama”.
Create maximum chaos.
Fog of invention.
Hypocrisy and arrogance.
Scandals, disarray, farce.
Transgressors and debasers.
Democratic norms trashed.
Tsunami of sleaze.
Enlist gullible entourage.
Knighthoods and peerages.
Waive the rules.
Defend the indefensible.
Culture of impunity.
Relentless sociopathic dissimulation.
Bombast and denial.
Disingenuousness and malfeasance.
Botched Covid contracts.
Illegal lockdown parties.
Shamelessness and entitlement.
Money-laundering shenanigans.
Unexplained Wealth Orders.
Lawyers’ Russian fees.
Entitlement and narcissism.
Fixed Penalty Notices.
“I get it.”
“I’ll fix it.”
Decency versus indecency.
Public life standards.
Matters of conscience.
Probity. Integrity. Respect?
Trust requires truth-telling.
Someone’s a liar-bility…

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