Meet the ‘artist in the window' at the Brunswick Centre

Take a look all through September

Saturday, 28th August 2021 — By Tom Foot


Debbie Baxter

AN artist who aims to connect humans with trees will be painting from a window of the Brunswick Gallery throughout September.

Artist Debbie Baxter is the first artist to take part in the a new series of “live exhibitions” at the gallery in Bloomsbury.

She will be working in the window every day between 10am and 4pm.

The public are invited to see how her work comes to life and ask her questions about her style.

Examples of Ms Baxter’s fantastic art

Ms Baxter said: “I am so drawn to trees and paint them almost exclusively – I feel an indebtedness to our forests and woodlands and want to share them with audiences. I also feel a strong urge to find a way to reconnect humans back to trees and vice versa.

“If one painting can help remind us of their beauty, then I feel I am making a difference.”

Ms Baxter also provides a tree reading service – the interpretation of someone’s desired tree – which visitors can arrange with her at the gallery.

John Themis, director at The Brunswick Art Gallery, said: “This is the first time any of our artists have created art at the gallery, so it is a big step for us, and we strongly recommend those interested in the creation of art to visit the gallery and see her in her element.”

The gallery, just off Marchmont Street, has an array of art, sculptures, portraits, photography, pop art and graffiti art.

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