More Islington roads set to see ‘low-traffic’ measures

Town Hall’s controversial neighbourhood scheme aimed at cutting cars and pollution is extended

Friday, 27th November 2020 — By Helen Chapman

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The Low Traffic Neighbourhoods scheme has sparked angry protests from many residents

ISLINGTON is to blanket the borough with “low-traffic” measures such as blocking off roads with bollards and using cameras to enforce new rules.

The council has faced demonstrations on its doorstep but says it cannot back down from trying to reduce emissions.

The Low Traffic Neighbourhoods will now be extended to encourage walking and cycling.

Green councillor Caroline Russell said the Town Hall had “joined the dots between car use and public health”, but opponents have already formed a group called Keep Highbury Moving to fight the changes.

And in Clerkenwell, a couple who have mobility issues say they will complain to the Equality Commission as they now feel restricted in where they can get to and how long each journey will take them.

Islington’s environment supremo, Councillor Rowena Champion, said: “We know how important Islington’s streets and neighbourhoods are for local people, and we want them to be safe, healthy, green spaces that are enjoyable for all.

“As technology has changed, we have seen more and more traffic looking for short cuts through residential streets, causing more traffic, pollution, and road danger for local people. In light of this, the council has long been planning initiatives to improve Islington’s streets.”

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