Mothers and children need support so families can stay together

Friday, 6th May

• SOME of us have been using the elections, Thursday, May 5 as an opportunity to press candidates who want our votes, to commit to providing mothers and children with support so families can stay together.

This is particularly crucial now that poverty is increasing and working-class single mothers are targets for child removal.

Despite our legal entitlement to support any requests for help, particularly if we have a disability, are victims of domestic violence, are women of colour and / or immigrant, have grown up in “care”, are often used to claim we are “unfit” mothers and take our children.

The Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, based at Crossroads Women’s Centre issued a template letter (see for anyone to use.

We asked candidates if they would implement the Children Act and Care Act by spending on mothers who need practical support instead of triggering destructive “child protection” proceedings.

Unwarranted separation causes lifelong trauma to children and mothers. Privatised and institutional “care” harms children and is hugely expensive to councils.

We also asked candidates if they would commit to abolishing home care charges for disabled people, as Hammersmith & Fulham has done.

Answers will be published on our blog.

Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign

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