MPs should come clean on the Tory ‘no confidence’ vote

Thursday, 9th June

• WOULD it not be appropriate to know how Nickie Aiken, the Cities of London and Westminster MP, (and all Conservative MPs) voted regarding “no confidence” in Boris Johnson as prime minister?

True it was a secret ballot; but it is surely important in a democracy for voters to know the views of their MPs regarding the PM.

And would it not be nice to know the motivations of those 148 Conservative MPs who voted “no confidence” yet are currently coy about how they voted?

I guess that some rightly judged that a PM needs a reasonable level of honesty and integrity and Johnson manifestly falls below that level.

Others, no doubt, had their eyes solely on the likelihood of losing their seats or the Conservative Party losing power.

Concern for honesty and integrity is praiseworthy. The concern to cling onto seats and power is not.

Maybe some of those MPs who shyly voted against Johnson possess some sense of shame, yet not the courage to stand up and be counted.


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