New sculpture in Marble Arch ‘a celebration of life and harmony'

The sculpture by Bushra Fakhoury was unveiled on Saturday

Friday, 17th March 2017 — By alina and Alina Polianskaya


Danse Gwenedour by Bushra Fakhoury

A NEW gravity-defying sculpture was unveiled in Marble Arch on Saturday.

The sculpture, known as Danse Gwenedour, features four bronze figurines twirling in a circle and holding hands. It was created by sculptor Bushra Fakhoury, whose work is influenced by her time living in countries including Kenya, Lebanon and France and revolves around the themes of folklore, myths and carnivals.

Ms Fakhoury said: “This sculpture conveys the ideals that I have always aspired to, which are love of your fellow man, celebration of life, human unity and a world in which we all live in harmony and peace.”

The sculptor has lived in the capital for 40 years and her work is well known in the West End. Another of her sculptures, depicting an elephant balancing on his trunk atop a man’s hand, known as Dunamis, has had pride of place in Park Lane for many years.

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