No alternative to 31 bus service

Thursday, 9th June

• THE 31 bus route is vital service, principally because it runs across town. Most services are planned, like spokes of a wheel, and go to and from the centres of the city.

The 24 is just such a service, and much of its route is covered by alternative methods of transport, in that particular case, by the tube.

The 31, however, is a cross-town route and is invaluable in getting people to places that would otherwise only be attainable by more complicated routes, involving going more into the centre of town, before coming out on another spoke of the wheel.

To cancel it would be a big mistake. Anybody who knows this service will be aware that the bus is heavily used and is rarely less than half-full, even at off-peak hours. Basically there is no alternative to it. Please lobby to keep it.


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