Now fight for these bus services

Thursday, 9th June

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People must fight for these bus services

• I WRITE to ask your readers to respond to Transport for London’s recently announced survey and consultation regarding 16 London bus routes that are under threat of cancellation.

Our Unite Community members rely heavily on public transport, and even more so on buses. Many of our members have mobility issues and depend on buses to leave and return to their homes.

This is exacerbated by some Overground and Underground stations having accessibility issues and not providing step-free access to the platforms.

Add in the fact that many people take buses because they are cheaper than trains, and it’s a totally unfair step by TfL to announce this consultation, and with such a short time for the public to respond.

The closing date for submissions and replies to TfL is July 12, which means the consultation is only open to the public for six weeks.

We ask all people who live in the area to take the time to go to which has details of the proposed changes, and to which is where people can respond with their thoughts and comments.

London buses are the envy of the rest of the country, but that will only remain if people are prepared to fight for them.

As a resource, we are pinning this information and links to consultations and petitions to the top of our union Facebook page at, so please visit regularly for latest campaign news.

Although we have Camden in the name, we actually serve members in Camden, Cities of Westminster and London, and Kensington and Chelsea.

Branch Secretary
Unite Community
Camden LE/00018

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