Office blaze blamed on discarded cigarette

Friday, 25th January 2019 — By Samantha Booth

Fire stock IMG_0968

A DISCARDED cigarette is believed to have started a fire at an office block in Covent Garden.

Seven people had fled the building in Garrick Street before fire crews from Soho, Euston and Dowgate arrived on Saturday at about 1.40pm.

Part of the outside of the building was damaged by the fire, which took an hour to get under control.

Fire investigators believe a chucked away cigarette ignited rubbish that had collected outside, prompting a safety warning from the London Fire Brigade.

LFB said: “We’d rather you didn’t smoke at all but if you do, it’s absolutely vital you ensure your cigarette is completely out when you’ve finished smoking it.

“If you don’t, you risk causing a fire which could not only destroy buildings, but also cost you your life.”

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