Our NHS: an outstanding asset not some cash cow

Friday, 6th May


‘We urge readers to support the ‘We Own It’ campaign’

• WHILE the attention of the official opposition in parliament has been focused on the lockdown shenanigans of Boris Johnson and his mates, the Tories have once again taken aim at the National Health Service, which they simultaneously proclaim as a “national treasure” while undermining it at every turn.

On July 1 the Health and Care Bill comes into force, the latest in a long line of so-called reorganisations of the NHS.

In truth this bill is a Trojan horse to the further privatisation.

In London we have already seen the sale of numerous GP surgeries to an American profit-focused conglomerate.

This happened with virtually no public participation, so we are in an even worse position than many other areas.

CCGs, clinical commissioning groups, which currently have responsibility for delivering NHS services, are to be replaced by Integrated Care Systems, ICSs.

These organisations will have boards of directors which can include private health care providers.

We believe that if the interests of patients are to be put before the profits of multinational corporations, employees and representatives of such corporations should be banned from joining these boards.

Parliament won’t do this, so we are calling on the local ICS to make this commitment and ban private providers from being on the boards or making decisions on them.

We further believe that the ending of competitive tendering for NHS contracts opens the door for yet more “crony deals” of the kind that did so much damage during the Covid-19 pandemic and made such obscene profits for individuals and corporations.

The NHS should always be the default provider of NHS services.

The NHS was set up for the people and despite all the cuts and ham-fisted reorganisations is still an outstanding asset to this country.

It is not some cash cow to be milked by billion dollar conglomerates or the cronies of Tory politicians.

We urge readers to support the “We Own It” campaign calling on the chair of the North Central London Integrated Care System, Mike Cooke, to commit to ensure our local NHS works for people instead of private profits by:

— banning private companies on our local NHS board;

— banning private companies from making decisions in our local NHS; and

— ending outsourcing of NHS services in our local NHS.

See: https://weownit.org.uk/find-my-nhs

Islington Green Party

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