Plans to cut buses are appalling

Thursday, 16th June

24 bus wide

Passengers board the No 24 to Pimlico

• I NEVER normally write regarding cuts in services but am absolutely appalled to read about the bus cuts.

I use the No 24 route quite frequently to Pimlico and see many elderly who have been shopping in the Sainsbury’s in Wilton Road; it’s so convenient for them as they board with their shopping trolleys; also there are various clinics around there where I would have to attend.

And going towards Hampstead, this route serves the Royal Free Hospital which was very handy for me as I just have to cross the road sometimes very late at night and get off at Charing Cross Road.

The bus drivers were there for us during Covid-19 and I used to clap all these drivers to show my appreciation. They have been putting their lives at risk like many key workers. There must be a rethink on cutting bus services.

Duval Court, WC2

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