Rainbow flags mark Admiral Duncan pub bombing

Old Compton Street support for acts of remembrance

Friday, 7th May 2021 — By Tom Foot

Admiral Duncan

Tributes in Soho, 22 years on. Photos: Simon Lamrock

PUBS in Old Compton Street were draped in rainbow flags this week to mark the anniversary of the Admiral Duncan nail bomb attack.

A Soho Act of Remembrance was held online on Friday, 22 years after the pub was bombed killing three people and injuring some 79 others.

It was the third of three attacks targeting black, Asian and gay people in London by a neo-Nazi nail bomber aiming to stir up fear and hatred.

“Like all attacks targeted towards our communities his actions only served to unite us”, the organisers said.

“We ask all the venues on Old Compton Street to show their support for the April acts of remembrance by displaying rainbow flags in their windows throughout April, as requested by the Moore family in tribute to Nik Moore who was killed in the Soho bombing along with his friends Andrea Dykes and John Light.

“We also remembered David Morely (Sinders) who survived the bombing but was killed five years later on the South Bank by a group of youths in a so-called ‘happy slapping’ incident.

“And Thomas Douglas who passed away in 2017.”

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