Restricting traffic is justified

Friday, 3rd December 2021

• I ALWAYS thought it was common sense but government-funded research published this summer has just proved it: in an urban environment if everyone chooses the quickest form of transport to get from A to B it will suddenly no longer be the quickest.

They didn’t concentrate on any particular city but the research could apply easily to Islington.

Add to that the pollution and road safety issues that car driving causes and there are very few reasons why we should choose cars over public transport, bicycles or walking.

The problem is we are all too human.

We know that the easier, more comfortable, choice of jumping in the car might be quicker, and we ignore what we’ve always known, that in most cases it won’t be quicker, and that we’ll be making it worse for everyone.

This tells me that Islington Council is completely justified in making changes to our neighbourhoods to restrict traffic, because we don’t restrict ourselves willingly.

Obviously it would be great if the council got LTNs right first time, every time, but nobody’s perfect. There’s a lot of info at

I am definitely looking forward to getting an LTN, low traffic neighbourhood, introduced in my area.

This is the research:

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