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Thursday, 9th June

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‘Cutting bus services disproportionately affects lower-paid people’

• CAMDEN residents are due to lose two bus routes and face drastic changes to others, thanks to government cuts, (Transport for London announce plans to cut bus routes, June 1).

Presumably timed to be overlooked just before the four-day holiday weekend, Transport for London launched a “consultation” on truly swingeing cuts to buses.

Forced by the government to cut bus journeys across London or not get funding to keep services running at all, TfL intend to axe 16 bus routes (including iconic ones such as the number 11) and cut, reroute, or otherwise reduce, dozens more.
(Consultation at

In Camden crucial changes are to the 24 and 31 (both routes will be scrapped), and the 27, 88 and 214 (major alterations or rerouting), but, in total, 59 routes are affected, making London bus journeys longer, more complicated, with far more changes, and potentially more expensive.

It’s partly because bus travel hasn’t recovered from the pandemic but primarily because the government is tightening the screws on TfL by reducing the bail-out money it gives them and insisting on draconian cuts. This is undoubtedly the thin end of the wedge, with more cuts to come.

It’s a direct result of Boris Johnson’s disgraceful agreement, when Mayor of London, to remove all central government funding for London’s public transport and make buses and tubes reliant solely on fares and commercial income that dried up in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cutting bus services disproportionately affects lower-paid people and anyone who can’t use tube stations; so it’s clear that the government’s phoney “levelling-up” agenda actually means “levelling down” by forcing through cuts to public services in London.

There’s only six weeks to respond to the “proposals”, and they’re very complicated; for a comprehensive summary, see the June 2 post at

Register complaints now and try to prevent the devastation of so much of London’s vital public transport network.


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