WESTMINSTER PEOPLE: Meet Covent Garden psychic medium Lee Whyberd

Clairvoyant says he can provide a lot more proof than fortune tellers

Friday, 21st April 2017 — By George Engels


Lee Whyberd says he loves to help lost souls find purpose in life 

Neal’s Yard has panache.

Brightly coloured buildings holding a dizzying array of shops and restaurants beckon tourists and locals alike into one of London’s most gregarious alleys.

But Neal’s Yard is also home to quieter, more mysterious types and you must go underground to find them.

Lee “the Welsh Wonder” Whyberd – a psychic medium – is one of them.

Down a flight of dimly lit steps and past a plain white door lies Lee’s “office”: a candlelit space fitted with a few simple chairs, a table with packs of tarot cards and, of course, the Welsh Wonder.

Lee Whyberd, 47, looks a bit as if Harry Potter’s Professor Trelawney had a son with a well-groomed accountant. He sports silver combed-back hair and wears thick rectangular glasses.

Lee started doing psychic readings for friends and family in his late teens.

However, he spent most of his adult life in the hospitality business and only became a full-time medium seven years ago, at age 40. Now his clientele includes celebrity A-listers, foreign royalty, and business people.

Why the sudden career change?

“I became extremely ill when I was 40. I had problems with my pancreas and a lot of my

spiritual friends came in to do spiritual healing. So when I got better I knew it was time to start helping people,” he says.

Lee now sees himself as a sort of spiritual guide who helps people overcome bereavement and regain their purpose in life.

“I’ve had people come to me who were suicidal and I’ve helped them to get over it. People who’ve lost their careers, who were penniless, and I’ve helped them move forward.”

Helping people, and the gratification he receives in return, is what makes Lee tick. Sometimes he’ll even get a call from a client a few days after a reading, thanking him for his help.

“Everything will have started to work out for them, whether it’s their relationship or their career, every sort of thing. It is satisfying to help people,” he says.

Lee was born in a small village in Wales in August 1969 and left for Kent when he was 21. He’s worked with spirits from a young age and claims to be “descended from a long line of sensitives on his maternal side”.

But is his psychic gift innate, or can it be learnt? “I was born with it but you have to develop it,” he says. “You have development circles – medium circles – where you all sit in different levels. Now I run circles, I teach people. but I’m always learning. I’ll never stop learning,” he adds.

Unsurprisingly for a medium, Lee claims there haven’t been any moments in his psychic career that have been truly unexpected, precisely because he accepts uncertainty as part of his job. “You never know what to expect. You can have the most aggressive person come in and walk out like a pussycat because they’ve had so much proof that it’s knocked them to their feet. They’re apologetic. Nothing surprises me to be honest. Nothing at all, sadly,” he laments.

Lee has a simple answer to sceptics who say that spiritual readings are a sham: “Come have a reading. I have people phone up and say they don’t believe in it unless I say certain things. We’re not fortune tellers, we’re clairvoyant mediums. We give a lot more proof.”

So, what does the future hold for the Welsh Wonder?

“We’re going to be doing a TV show. But it’s not just me. I’m one of the panellists. I can’t give you a lot on it, but it’s definitely going to happen,” he foresees.


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