Islington have failed to meet their objectives

Friday, 3rd December 2021

Blue hearts

‘Islington have failed to meet their objectives of encouraging walking and making roads safer’

• PUTTING aside the wider merits of cycle lanes, it is disheartening to see Islington Council’s selective use of statistics on the Cycleway 38 consultation leaflet, masking some of the issues highlighted in the monitoring data and the impact on residents.

Hidden in the data is confirmation that between Barnsbury Street and Cloudesley Place there was an increase in overall road use, in LGV / HGVs and in speeding; with 48 per cent of vehicles passing south of Barnsbury Street recorded as speeding.

That’s compounded for local residents by, without explanation and against the recommendations of a safety audit, the council removing central islands, informal crossing points, and illuminated signage.

Indeed at the Richmond Avenue zebra three out of the five illuminated signs which are there to warn road users and protect pedestrians were removed. None of which was necessary to install a cycle lane.

Liverpool Road is an important and busy pedestrian route and an unavoidable crossing point between Upper Street and Barnsbury.

Along this stretch pedestrians now have to navigate busier roads with more speeding traffic while using less safe crossings (the danger coming from all road users).

Islington have failed to meet their objectives of encouraging walking and making roads safer.

Residents have raised these issues but so far Islington have chosen to send back spurious responses rather than meaningfully engage.

Now their own monitoring study shows they are failing their residents, I hope they have the courage to address the issues rather than seeing them as terminal threats to a pet project.

I would encourage anyone affected by these dreadful road crossings to take part in the consultation and contact Islington asking them to prioritise pedestrians, reinstate the crossing points, and implement traffic calming measures along Liverpool Road.


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