The Tories are world class at wasting your money

Friday, 14th January

Marble Arch mound 1

The £6million Marble Arch Mound

• THE shocking revelations about the £6million Marble Arch Mound continue as “London’s worst tourist attraction” is being pulled down.

The latest news is that Westminster Council’s Oxford Street District Programme director, the officer responsible for the mound fiasco, was paid £220,000 a year, making him the council’s highest paid employee, earning more than the chief executive who is paid £217,545 a year.

The Oxford Street District Programme director resigned from the council in the autumn of 2021 after the cost of the mound project increased dramatically from £2million to £6million, leading to the resignation of the council’s deputy leader.

Plans to charge visitors for access to the mound were abandoned following national, international, and local media coverage which dubbed the project “London’s worst tourist attraction”.

In October 2021 a council internal investigation of the mound project described the soaring costs of the scheme as “devastating” and “avoidable”.

The report by the council’s chief executive said there were “clear and repeated warnings” about the project being over budget. And now, the Marble Arch Mound is first on the Daily Mail’s list of white elephants of 2021.

The mound has been a disaster from start to finish. Costs trebled and it has made the council a national and international laughing stock.

The leader of the council Rachael Robathan needs to explain why she signed off such an enormous salary.

The Conservative councillors responsible for the mound should hang their heads in shame and apologise to the people of Westminster for wasting so much public money.

Westminster Conservatives have shown once again that they are “world class” at wasting your money.

Residents will have their opportunity to pass judgment on Boris Johnson’s Conservatives in May when all councillors will be up for election and when Labour will be putting forward a positive and practical agenda for improving public services and ending the current Conservative financial incompetence.

Labour City Management Spokesperson
City Hall, Victoria Street, SW1

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