They could have given everyone £24 for shopping

Friday, 14th January

Marble Arch Mound 3

The Marble Arch Mound

• THE Extra was right to focus on costs of the Marble Arch Mound as it closure came last weekend, (City counts the cost of its ‘cult classic’ mound, January 7).

Westminster Council spent £6million on this project with some 250,000 visitors. That comes out at roughly £24 a trip up the mound, incredibly!

Quite honestly it would have been better if the council had given residents £24 spending vouchers to spend along Oxford Street instead.

Heads should roll really for such poor project management; but it is not usually what occurs in these times.

The UK government has wasted billions on “test and trace” during the pandemic and now Westminster Council has wasted millions on their pet project in central London, the Marble Arch Mound.

If I had wasted £6million of the residents of Westminster money, I would have resigned from the council. But such are the times!


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