Thousands hit the streets for Trump protest

Friday, 20th July 2018 — By The Xtra Diary

The Dig It Sound System at the protest

The Dig It Sound System at the protest

IT was, Diary notes, like being in a giant moving art gallery: we are, of course, talking about the spectacle of 250,000-odd people taking to the West End on Friday to show their extreme displeasure over the visit of US president Donald Trump.

And oh how Londoners marked the occasion – the sales of sticky tape, felt tips and glue must have rocketed in the run-up.

No street corner shop, no stationers, were left with stock, one is led to believe.

And while some were of a rather aggressive nature – words were not minced – others tapped into a peculiarly British sense of humour.

Perhaps this was no more apparent than with the young man who chose to write “Wenger Out” on a piece of cardboard and frantically wave it aloft in Trafalgar Square. Off message? Perhaps. Hilarious?

Definitely. This was political satire on the streets, so Diary thought we’d share some of the sights and signs that we ran into…

Trump Stinks

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